March 7 6:00 PM

Kuper March Winemaker Dinner

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Price: $100.00 Duration: 2 hrs Group Size: 1 - 8 Guests

Kuper Wine Bar March Winemaker Dinner

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Join Longmont native Bo Felton of Colterris Winery for our first exclusive Winemaker Dinner at The Kuper.  Hear directly from Bo about his vineyard-driven approach to winemaking that accentuates the character and complexity of the growing conditions and ecological locations of the Coleterris vineyards.


Enjoy a welcome bite followed by four courses of locally-sourced decadence from GB Culinary, paired with five different Colteris wines.  For $100 per person, celebrate all that Colorado has to offer and enjoy all the wine you'd like as part of this limited-seating event.


The name Colterris means “from the Colorado land.”  Wines poured at this Winemaker Dinner are produced 100% from the 188-acre Colterris estate. Situated along the Colorado River, the favorable meso-climates and volcanic soils of their vineyard locations contribute to the rich color, intense fruit flavors and robust character that make Colterris wines unique.